In Memoriam

Miles Stephen Tully

Jul 5, 2020

Miles Tully, 82, of Chico, CA.

It is with great sadness that I share that my father Miles Stephan Tully has passed away in Chico, California on July 5th, 2020.  He died peacefully in his sleep while in hospice care.  He had been battling diabetes and kidney failure.
My father was born in San Jose on July 15th, 1937.  His parents were Wendall and Dee Tully.  There is a treasured family portrait of the Tully’s coming to California by wagon being pulled by eighteen mules at the turn of the century.   (I don’t think they had gas stations back then).  Dad had a younger sibling named Neil.  Both were characters growing up but Neil is considered the better of the brothers at telling jokes.  However, I do know that Dad loved to tell stories especially at the Capital Club where he was an original founding member and served enthusiastically as chairman of the membership committee.  During my experience at the club on Wednesday evenings there have been countless encounters of many many members who reminniesced fondly that they had joined the Capital Club because of Dad’s harmless, humorous, yet endearing sales pitch:  “Mercy!” or “Nothing Shakin’ but the trees!”  My dad loved to engage people even if they were complete strangers because he liked to connect with people and build long lasting relationships.
Miles graduated from Los Gatos High School in 1955.  He enjoyed attending the annual reunions and the meeting of old friends. He later graduated from San Jose State with a degree in Business.  He later earned master degrees from both Denver Seminary and Chicago Theological Seminary.  He confided in me frequently that the formidable Chicago winters had made a lasting impression.  He really enjoyed going to the beach in Santa Cruz with his former late wife Jan.  To relax and appreciate the warm climate.
Upon graduation Miles worked and later owned several large scale office furniture stores.  As a small child I thought some of them looked like the airplane hanger at Moffet Field.  In the field of sales Dad was in his element.  He loved working and engaging with customers.    And he worked very long hours to provide for his family.  His family was never left wanting.  When he did have some down time he liked to plan fun family trips to the Caribbean and Hawaii.  Lake Tahoe was another favorite travel destination.
Dad also enjoyed St. Patrick’s day. I wish the Irish leprechaun could dress as well. He reveled in the green top hat and kilt which he had had made in the home country.  My friends always did double takes when they saw him at CB Hannigans.  And I heard the one about the go cart race at the Capital Club.
Miles Tully attended Calvary Church in Los Gatos and liked to engage with other fellow believers.  “Keep it vertical” was a favorite line.  His favorite verse was Phillipians 4 11-13.
Miles Tully is survived by his sons Steve, David, and grandchildren Michael and Kelly.

A private family service will be held this Saturday at Madronia Cemetary in Saratoga.

We know he is home now and at peace.  Our family really appreciates all the warm thoughts, prayers, and outpouring of support during this difficult time.