In Memoriam

Mary Lou Kuehne

Nov 14, 2020

Mary Lou was born June 10, 1930 in Sacramento, CA. to Charles and Rebecca Backman, she remained a Northern California girl her whole life.

She grew up and graduated in Lindsay in the Central Valley in a time when no one locked their houses or even took their keys out of their cars.  From there she moved to San Jose to attend college. She was married to Dale Kuehne in the spring of her junior year and finished up to become a teacher. When Dale was drafted, they enjoyed a year in Germany where number two of four boys was born.

Returning to the Santa Clara Valley, they bought a home, helped to plant the First Presbyterian Church of Santa Clara, later moving to Valley Church of Cupertino.

From there Dale and Mary Lou were called to “Springs of Living Water” a Christian Conference Center at Richardson Springs near Chico.

It was there our four boys had the run of 500 acres, a swimming pool and learned to work and share spending many exciting hours exploring with friends.

Ken Backlund of Neighborhood Church of Chico asked Dale to be a printer and chef on staff at the church in 1972. For thirteen years he served in that capacity, also driving the school bus and playing the drums in the small pick up band on Sunday nights.

After Dale passed away at 74 years old in 2005, Mary Lou continued to live in Chico and worship at Neighborhood Church.

The Lord has been very present in her life since she was seven and she grew in relationship through classes and church attendance throughout her life.

She is survived by her three sons and their families: Dave, Paul and Phillip.

A Memorial Service will be held at 10:00 a.m., Saturday, November 28, 2020 at Neighborhood Church.