In Memoriam

Linda “Linny” Marzolla

Jul 22, 2020

There will be no funeral services per her, decision made several years ago.

My sister, Linda, passed away at home July 22, 2020 at age 70. Serous Uterine Cancer first said hello Sept. 2014. She became a cancer survivor until her “companion”, as she called it, returned a little more than two years later, this time to stay. She credited her doctors with “keeping me alive”, although we knew it was her strong will and cheerful outlook that kept her going.

I would like to say Thank You to the nurses and staff at the Enloe Cancer Center for the respect and kindness shown her. Linny remarked more than once about the cheerful atmosphere. Thank you also to the staff at Enloe Rehab, especially physical therapists Jaime and Spencer for “giving me my life back” following a stroke. Gratitude to the nurses, aides and staff at Enloe Hospice. You not only saw to her comfort and peace of mind, you enabled me to maintain Linny’s dignity and quality of life in her last nine weeks.

Linny is predeceased by our parents and cousins Peggy Marzolla, Patricia Oppen and Earnest Reed. Linny is survived by myself, her sister, Susan Marzolla of Chico; cousins Arlyne Hazel and Mary Carleton also of Chico, Ed Bordin and Irene Moss of Colusa, Sandra Britter of Fresno, Judy and Jim Babuik of Humboldt, Saskatchewan and many more relations, known and unknown in Canada, Italy and Russia. I must also mention friends Marie Moody of Columbia, Missouri, Debbie Vermette and Jaime and Drew Byers and Kate Cavell of Chico, Karen Watson of Greenville and Pearl Guzman of Hamilton City.

Linny was born here in Chico August 21, 1949 to Alice and Don Marzolla. She graduated Chico High School in 1968. She then earned her Elementary Teaching Credential. Following several years of substitute teaching and holding various clerical positions, she retired on her 64th birthday in 2013 after a 22 year career with JoAnn Fabric and Craft. Her duties were varied and many, from designing floral displays, seeing to the seasonal changeovers, to accompanying management to stores within the district. She most enjoyed helping the customers with their projects. They would seek her out for advice.

Linny had an adventurous spirit. She visited London, England alone “To see if I could do it”. Family trips included a month in Italy to visit the Marzolla family birthplace, an RV excursion from Saskatchewan to British Columbia to visit mama’s birthplace, and an RV trip across the United States. There were many vacations along the Oregon and California coasts, but we always returned to Lawson’s Landing at Dillon Beach. It was here, while using her trout pole, that she caught a 22 pound Halibut! Being fascinated by the birds feeding along the shore and the movement of the waves, she took many beautiful photographs.

Linny had so many interests: beading, knitting and crochet, watercolor painting and sewing. She could play the piano, guitar and taught herself to play the concertina so that Pa could have music while in skilled nursing. She delved into projects with such enthusiasm! Our storage cabinet was one such. She cut all the panels using a hand-held rotary saw! With her interest in African Violets her collection, at one point, numbered 50, some of she which propagated from leaf cuttings. Linny also had a flair for writing and an interest in astronomy.

But of all these interests, her greatest loves were reading – Martha Grimes, Clive Cussler and Lee Child to name a few, and the outdoors, whether it was gardening, taking walks or just simply enjoying being outside.

And so it is only right that the last words to come from this amazing woman – my best friend – my sister Linda, spoken in April 2019 upon returning home from a month at Enloe Rehab following a stroke – and they more than any I could write about her – speak of her spirit, zest for life and always looking forward.

“You cannot understand the freedom to be able to walk outside – feel the breeze – hear the birds – and see the leaves.”