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In Memoriam

Edward (Edd) Vernon Houlehan

May 5, 2022

Edward (Edd) Vernon Houlehan was born May 18, 1951. He passed away in the home he loved on May 5, 2022.

Throughout his life, Edd was an extraordinary drummer and  musician who traveled and played with many well-known recording artists, along with putting together his own band. He especially loved progressive music.

Edd was also an accomplished tile setter, known for his exceptional work, and a jeweler and gem cutter who created many beautiful pieces. He enjoyed archery and hunting morel mushrooms, and made friends wherever he went.

He loved walks in the woods at home with his wife and their furry boy, Redd.

Edd stayed in close contact with many lifelong friends and loved talking and spending time online with them. His passion for music kept him creating, writing and producing music, together with his musician friends.

Edd is survived by his wife, Andi; her daughter, Tiffani and husband, Mike Minafo; grandchildren, McKenzi Blanton and Ashton Minafo; his sister, Trisha Signs; and her children, Anson Eastin, his nephew, and Heather Eastin, his niece; his sister-in-law, Kathy Houlehan and his very dear niece, Kimberly Houlehan; and step-daughters, Sheena Layne and Kindell Glinkowski and Sheena’s daughter, Rebecca.

Edd joins his beloved daughter Brittany and his son-in-law Arthur Carroll in Heaven. Also his brother, Tim Houlehan and others he loved dearly.

Edd was an awesome husband, father and friend. He will be missed so very much!!!