In Memoriam

Doris Marie Sherman Meriam

Oct 21, 2020

My mom Doris passed away, age 99,  on Wednesday October 21 2020 , peacefully in her sleep at her care facility.  Mom did not want a newspaper obituary and did not want any fuss made about her at a large service.  She was clear about her death instructions, typed in a letter to me in 1995.  We reviewed that letter several times lately and she continued to agree.
So, dear readers, this is NOT an obituary.  This is notes from her remaining child Peggy Sherman Cochran.  Sorry mom, you are loved by many and I want to share you.  My only sibling Lory Sherman Butcher passed away in 1993. My  mom was married to my father Al Sherman. He passed away too soon, and she eventually remarried her long time boss at Oser’s, Ted Meriam.  My mom had lots of fun travelling with her husbands, many trips to Europe are  chronicled in well labeled memory albums.  Finding her travel logs kept from every trip is sheer delight for me.
Mom worked at least 40 years .  She was always cooking chocolate chip cookies for friends(I don’t like chocolate!!) but I loved her crumpet bread and orange marmalade.  Of course, I have the recipes for those but have not yet made them as well as she did!
At many Halloweens, she handed out small  adorable handmade boxes with a shiny nickel inside.  These were given out with a lesson about saving money!  I have numerous quilts she made–all by hand  from start to finish!  She donated several to the Police department when a call was given out for such items.
Why was mom in a care facility?  She told me many times she did not want to “end up in a place like that!”  If you knew my mom you could hear her saying that.  One day, she went to get in her car to drive to her Chiropractic appointment.  Many friends volunteered to drive her anywhere but she was independent.  She fell in the street and broke her left femur.  She lived 60 years near the college, but that day was in a holiday week no seemed to be around.  Fortunately a stranger  (Thank you Sherrie F) driving through  looking at homes,  saw mom in the street and called 911.  After about a year of trying to get mom rehabbed enough to live  again in her large multi-storied home.  She needed skilled nursing.  Her last two years were in a skilled nursing facility.
Mom became comfortable and often told me  “do not worry about me , I am happy.  This is my home now”  We spent a lot of time reminiscing and talking; we particularly enjoyed going through her numerous photo and memory albums she had made.
I could write much more on what mom meant to our family.  However I will simply say that thanks to a lot of people, her last few years were sweet and she was very loved by all.
My thanks go to all family and step family.  Everyone helped.
I thank you all.
Mom did water walking at In Motion Fitness for many years with a group of wonderful friends.  One of those friends in particular took time  to continue  helping mother daily at her care facility.  This wonderful friend Frank would sit with her at Breakfast daily just for the conversation and social life and coffee .  How do you thank such a wonderful friend?  Mom attracted many  wonderful friends. I thank you all .
A huge amount of thanks from  friends and family goes to Arbor Post Acute (formerly Twin Oaks) .  Arbor is a family of caring and very helpful staff.  Mom received excellent care and I was always kept informed of her situation.  I can’t say enough good for Arbor.
This non-obituary is incomplete……my step family, my family and I simply say thanks for reading .  Let us know your experience with mom.
No services will be held .  We are having many small family dinners (you are always welcome for a meal with us) where we will talk about mom for a long time.